Brand Rules

It’s always Request, Send, Gift, Get vs Book, Hire, Buy, Purchase, Shop. 

Example: Request Snoop Dogg now

Don’t use “shout-out” to describe our core product, use “personalized video” or “video message.”

Example: Send a personalized video

Use “business video” instead of Cameo for Business video.
Use “direct messages” or “DMs” instead of just messages.
Use “live video” when describing Cameo Live.
Use tens of thousands when referring to the number of celebrities on Cameo.
We don’t use “talent” in external communications.

Use stars, celebrities, legends, icons. More genre-specific: Athletes, Comedians, Musicians, Actors, Creators, etc. Pro tip: Include social platform when applicable. 

Acronyms are cool if they’re more popular than the complete term or phrase. 
Skip passive language and get active.
Avoid ampersands unless you’re talking about Lilo & Stitch.
The remix isn’t always better. Watch out for repetitive language.